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Public Sector Recruitment Tests

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Public Sector Recruitment Tests

Public sector organisations need to deliver more with less while complying with stringent regulations. They need to be able to recruit and develop leaders with broad skill sets, nurture individuals and build cohesive teams to deliver better outcomes for their organisations and the communities they serve.

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Types of recruitment tests for public sector industries

You’re competing with the private sector for top talent, while trying to reduce the cost and time to hire. Managing hybrid teams and looking after employee wellbeing is harder than ever. How can you help your HR, talent acquisition and management teams face all these challenges?

A successful leader has to have a good level of self-awareness. They need to understand their strengths and limitations and know how to modify and adapt their behaviour in different situations.

Judith Vanderpump - Wiltshire Council
Judith Vanderpump
Organisational Development Consultant

Find your future leaders

Leadership has never been more important for the Public sector. Leaders need a broad range of skills and personality traits to be able to engage diverse stakeholders and deliver better outcomes in their organisations and communities.

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How we can help

  • Understand whether they have the traits to become an effective leader with our workplace and behavioural assessment tools
  • Assess levels of self-awareness and increase understanding of strengths and limitations with our Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Track your people’s progress through leadership development programmes with Thomas 360

Build better teams

A collaborative, communicative team will successfully deliver on its objectives. Make sure your team has the insight and self-awareness required to support a high level of cooperation.

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How we can help

  • With Thomas 360, identify how self-aware your employees are and The impact they have on the rest of the organisation
  • The Thomas Behaviour assessment helps each team member understand their own behavioural characteristics
  • Sharing Behaviour profiles in a team promotes  understanding, collaboration and cohesion


I cannot put my time into anything that does not improve front-line policing and delivery of front-line policing. Thomas Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence assessments enable me to support the business by improving performance and creating great leaders, so we can deliver the very best policing to our communities.

Alison Sercombe
HR Business Partner – Leadership & Career Development

A cost-effective solution when budgets are tight

Public sector organisations are under pressure to deliver more with less, requiring resources to be prioritised to ensure greater value for money in public spending.

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How we can help

  • Our competitively priced tools help you save money by helping you to avoid costly bad hires and increase the productivity of your existing workforce
  • Decrease time to hire by using science to sift the best candidates for your business
  • Empower your new hires to deliver value and boost engagement and productivity with personalised onboarding, using  insights provided by Thomas assessments

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