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Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO)

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Welcome to Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO).

What if we could be the best version of ourselves, prosper in our roles and be part of a winning team in a way that’s never been possible before? By equipping individuals with actionable insights about themselves and each other, TIO empowers every one of us to become a better colleague, teammate or leader.

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The world has changed,
the way we work must too.

The better we understand each other, the better we can work together. TIO gives us the information we need to build a culture of mutual respect and appreciation for our unique talents, personalities and contributions. It helps us collaborate, and get more done together. Frankly, it’s what teamwork has been missing.


TIO enables a whole
new way of working.

From verbal communications to written messages to body language - effective interactions are essential for success. They help us build trust, share our knowledge, make better decisions and avoid conflicts. TIO equips everyone with greater insights about themselves that, when shared, helps you form and work in effective teams within a supportive environment where everyone can prosper and thrive.

What is TIO?

TIO uses proven people science-based insights into personalities, behavioural profiles, aptitudes & communication styles
to inform each and every interaction underpinning the working day.

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TIO is your new work superpower

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For individuals

Reach your maximum potential and feel connected to the business you work in.

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For team leaders

Optimise how you assemble, interact with and equip your teams to create positive group dynamics, great conversations and better outcomes.

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For business leaders

Build an aspirational talent culture that your people are proud of, while also increasing business performance.

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60% of people are emotionally detached at work.

What if we could instead help everyone achieve their full potential, in a way that’s never been possible before?

Read on to understand how you can enjoy the the game-changing, life-enhancing, work superpower that is TIO.