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Employee Retention

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Employee Retention

Don’t lose your star performers

Employee expectations are shifting, making the relationship between employer and employee more critical than ever. Thomas Perform brings transparency to this relationship with objective people science insights, so you know how to retain your star performers.

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It begins with effective communication

Successful retention begins with effective communication. We all have our own preferred communication style, but often struggle to explain or articulate it.

Using powerful people science, Thomas helps you understand how each individual in your business likes to communicate, as well as how they like to be managed. This insight can help to build and maintain a trusting, two-way relationship where your people feel valued and engaged, which is essential for employee retention.

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Discover their driving forces

Many organisations lack insight into what motivates their people, so it’s little wonder that employee engagement is in crisis. 

Thomas provides objective insight into the unique motivators of your people, so you can get the most out of them, and they can prosper and thrive at work. Our unique people science insights also help you to understand their strengths so that you can empower them to perform at their finest and make real progress.

Thomas Assessments play a pivotal role in creating and driving the positive culture and in finding people with the right fit for the sales roles. The Thomas tools have contributed towards a turnover rate of 4%.

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Solve skill gaps

When team members leave, it can create a skills gap that their colleagues must try to fill until a replacement is found. This impacts their own work, and can reduce engagement levels, leading to a risk of more leavers.

The people science insights that Thomas offers makes it easier to look beyond technical skills and experience to find candidates with the right soft skills for the role, who can learn new skills quickly and will fit within the existing team. This reduces the extra load on your people so that they feel empowered as part of a high performing team.