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Employee Retention

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Employee Retention

Manage in a way that makes them stay

Staff are your organisation’s most valuable assets. You’ve invested in them, so naturally you want to reap the rewards from that investment. The cost of replacing staff combined with the desire to retain invaluable knowledge and skills, makes employee retention key.

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Communicate to build trust

Employees who do not feel engaged or valued in their role are likely to be unproductive. This can disrupt and distract other staff, reducing their levels of engagement and work output.

When you know how to communicate and manage them, you can build trust, which is essential to employee retention. Thomas assessments give you insight into their personality and behavioural traits, which can help to make your staff feel valued and engaged.

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Find out what motivates them

Staff that do not feel engaged may be looking for a different challenge, but without knowing what. Many people lack the self-awareness to articulate where their strengths and limitations lie.

Constant learning or variety in a role can be key to retaining staff. Thomas assessments can help you understand whether your team members are feeling challenged, and if not, can give guidance on how best to re-engage them.

Thomas Assessments play a pivotal role in creating and driving the positive culture and in finding people with the right fit for the sales roles. The Thomas tools have contributed towards a turnover rate of 4%.

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Fill vacancies quickly

When staff leave, it creates a void which must be filled by their colleagues. This can impact their own work and reduce their engagement levels, leading to a risk of further staff attrition.

Reduce the impact on staff and the time to fill these roles by looking beyond skills and experience to find candidates that have the aptitude to learn new skills quickly, as well as the required behavioural and personality traits for the role.

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