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IT & Software Recruitment Tests

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IT & Software Recruitment Tests

In tech, there’s a constant battle for talent.  While the number of jobs in tech has risen, the number of skilled staff hasn’t increased at the same rate. Candidate and employee experience are essential for attracting and retaining the best people.

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Types of recruitment tests for IT

Staff with the right skills are increasingly hard to find. Futureproof your business by identifying candidates who are able to quickly learn the skills you need with our aptitude test for IT jobs.

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Aptitude tests for IT jobs

  • A candidate’s aptitude is one of the best predictors of success in a role. Identify those most likely to succeed with the Thomas Aptitude assessment
  • Determine which candidates will be able to hit the ground running and learn new skills quickly
  • Tailor the onboarding journey for your new starters and set them up for success with insights from the Thomas work Behaviour assessment

Effective team management, wherever you are

How do you effectively manage those teams that may never meet face to face? You need to know how your people will cope with stress and how to support them.

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How we can help

  • See how individuals prefer to work and communicate in a hybrid environment with the Thomas Behaviour assessment
  • Understand how to manage and motivate team members at a glance
  • Gain insight into how your people will react under stress and how to set them up to succeed


What made Thomas solutions stand out from other options, was the easy-to-understand reports that are generated and the amount of supporting options in the background that you can call on to further enhance the employee experience. Plus, the opportunity to extend their usage far beyond the recruitment process.

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Alan Reilly
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Develop your people for effective retention

Losing a valued member of the team can  disrupt workflows and delay project delivery. Employee development is an effective way of improving engagement and retention, and ‘soft’ people skills are just as important as technical brilliance.  

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How we can help

  • Understand your people’s strengths and development areas with the Thomas Behaviour and Aptitude assessments
  • Help your team members to develop coping strategies around their development areas through simple advice built around the Thomas Aptitude assessment
  • Build a development plan and monitor progress with Thomas 360-degree feedback to increase employees’ awareness of their impact on others and the organisation

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Retention Guide

A report from Microsoft says that 50% of the global workforce are considering a change of career, so you can’t afford not to focus on your people. Find out what causes employee attrition, as well as how you can overcome those and build an engaged, productive team.

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