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Help new hires hit the ground running

You’ve put so much hard work into finding the right person, your onboarding process shouldn’t let you down. But far too often, businesses use a one-size-fits-all approach which can leave new starters feeling disengaged when they should be at their most motivated. 

With a clear understanding of how to manage, motivate and communicate with each of your new hires most effectively, our employee onboarding platform gets them performing straight away.

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One assessment, benefits throughout the employee lifecycle

Thomas assessments don’t just support your hiring process. The insight from those results can be useful throughout the employee lifecycle, starting with the onboarding process, enabling you to keep your staff engaged and productive.

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Bespoke onboarding for everyone

Each new starter needs to be treated as an individual. What’s the best way to communicate with them? How do they approach decisions? What really motivates them? The smallest details can make a huge difference to how quickly they get up to speed, and even impact their long-term engagement.

The Thomas Behaviour assessment provides personalised advice on how to onboard each individual, based on their specific assessment results.

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[Thomas Perform] was intuitive to use, and being able to quickly access individually tailored, business-specific content on how to manage, motivate and onboard team members, as well as being able to view their strengths and communication preferences will be invaluable to people managers everywhere.

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Effective onboarding, wherever they are

Onboarding someone face-to-face is difficult enough, but what if that person is working remotely? Not being office-based adds to the challenge, so knowing how to get the best out of your people, regardless of where they are, is more important than ever.

The Thomas Behaviour assessment gives tailor-made advice on how each person will need to be supported when working remotely, making both people manager's and new starter's lives much easier.

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