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Onboarding Software

Help new hires hit peak productivity faster

Agile work demands an agile approach to recruiting and resourcing. Onboarding is a critical part of this process, especially in a hybrid work environment. But statistics show that record numbers of new starters and employees are feeling disengaged.

Gain bespoke insights into how to onboard, manage and motivate every new hire with the Thomas Perform employee onboarding platform, and set them up to succeed from the start.

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Onboarding is only the beginning

People insights don’t just support your hiring process. They drive value throughout the employee journey, keeping your team highly engaged, highly productive and high performing. Understanding how new starters like to work and communicate helps you to help them to integrate into their team more quickly and make every interaction a success.

Whether it’s making meetings a happier place for all, teams more collaborative and cohesive, or enabling managers to better support their people’s wellbeing, people insights are the key to success. 

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Engage and motivate from the start

Engaging new hires is tough in today's fast-moving and often hybrid workplaces. Understanding their communication style, risk approach, and key motivations helps you set them up for success and make them feel part of the team from day one.

The Thomas platform provides personalised advice on how to onboard, engage and motivate each member of your team, based on objective people science data. Accelerate your onboarding today.

[Thomas Perform] was intuitive to use, and being able to quickly access individually tailored, business-specific content on how to manage, motivate and onboard team members, as well as being able to view their strengths and communication preferences will be invaluable to people managers everywhere.

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Onboard anywhere

To get the best out of your people, you need to know what makes them tick, what keeps them going, and what keeps them coming back for more. In a remote or hybrid setting, that’s not just difficult: it can be impossible.

Unless you have tailor-made advice on how to enable every individual in a remote work context.

In moments not months, the Thomas platform provides deep insights into an individual’s work and communication preferences as well as how they might cope with stress and change, making it quicker and easier to get and keep them engaged and productive.

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