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Times up on people practices that fall behind the pace of change and fail to meet the demands of your people and the market.

This 10-guide series applies people science to HR’s hard problems, providing actionable takeaways to help you upgrade your people practices that you can read in just 10 minutes.

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Engagement and Motivation

Employee motivation and engagement are in crisis.

Covid cost businesses globally around £5 trillion in lost productivity (McKinsey, 2021). Discover the 5 things you need to do to engage and motivate your employees now in this express 10-minute how-to guide. 

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High Performing Teams

Hybrid teams may be the new normal, but how do we ensure they’re high performing?

This 10-minute how-to guide gives you the latest research, expert advice and practical tips so that you can get the most out of your hybrid teams.  



Thanks to the pandemic, half of the global workforce are looking to change jobs (Microsoft).

With job vacancies reaching peak numbers worldwide, leaders need to move quickly to retain their talent during ‘The Great Resignation’. This 10-minute how-to guide explains how.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Commercial performance, innovation, agility. Diversity and inclusion are essential to futureproofing your business. So why are we still so far behind when it comes to implementing them?

Discover how to overcome the barriers to diversity and inclusion in this practical 10-minute how-to guide, based on the latest research and advice from the experts.


Recruiting for Potential

Over half of the world’s workers need to retrain (World Economic Forum, 2021).

How can you tell if a candidate has what it takes to succeed in today’s changing workplace? Download this 10-minute how-to guide to Recruiting for Potential to discover the six recruitment pitfalls to watch out for now. 

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Digital transformation. Social change. Covid-19. Leadership has never been more in-demand. 

Learn how to attract, recruit and develop the leadership talent your organisation needs to succeed in this 10-minute how-to guide to Leadership.

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Succession Planning

Skill obsolescence. The ‘Great Resignation’. Remote work. How can organisations build agile workforces that can manage these challenges? 

This 10-minute how-to guide gives you the latest research, expert advice and practical tips to ensure your organisation succeeds at Succession Planning.

Recruiting Leaders PL thumbnail

Recruiting Leaders

Recruiting leaders is risky.  

The stakes are higher for senior hires. As we emerge from the pandemic into a global labour shortage, find the tools to land the right leaders for your organisation in this 10-minute how-to guide.

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Effective Onboarding

Find out how recent changes within the working world – from hybrid working to record resignation numbers – are transforming the way that companies onboard their people in this 10-minute how-to guide to Efficient Onboarding.


Beating Bias in Recruitment

Despite the proven benefits of workforce diversity, organisations are still screening out diverse candidates. 

This 10-minute how-to guide identifies the top 5 unconscious biases that impede diversity in hiring, and the tools and techniques hiring managers have at their disposal to beat bias and build workforce diversity.


Managing Hybrid Teams

Hybrid working is at the forefront of daily operations.

This 10-minute how-to guide equips managers with the tools to galvanise successful hybrid working. It uses psychological insights to identify hybrid working practices that cater to your team’s specific needs.


Candidate Experience

In the current recruitment market, positive candidate experience is a business imperative.

Discover the top 5 ways you can win the competition for talent through candidate experience in this 10-minute how-to guide.

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