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Hiring and team development powered by people science.

Our people science empowers businesses to find and keep the very best talent.

Now, we're placing it into the hands of every employee to transform team productivity. 

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Take the hunch out of hiring

Use our science-backed assessments to find candidates that fit. Our platform shows you how each person likes to interact with colleagues, manage tasks and where they’ll shine.

Say goodbye to guesswork in recruitment.


Insights that help develop better teams

Wouldn’t life be great if we understood each other a bit better? Our platform provides behavioral insights for you, your managers, and your entire workforce. Easily see your differences and tips from psychologists to get the most out of meetings, understand each other and become a high-performing team.  

You’ll improve your employee wellbeing, engagement and culture. Doesn’t that sound nice?

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Find out how Thomas assessments strengthened Brompton's recruitment processes to support unprecedented growth.

Your employee experience matters

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Recruit the best talent with insights
from applied people science


Develop individuals and create
high performing teams


Build a highly engaged and 
vibrant workplace culture

Your all-in-one platform for
recruitment and development


Thomas equips your people with insights and guidance across any
device, anytime, anywhere. It’s your new work superpower.


You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Your all in one platform

Don’t just take our word for it...